Annus Horribilus [2013​-​2014]

by Bong-Ra

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This outtake/preview that contains all the tracks concerning Bong-Ra in 2013, be it either my own productions, remixes made from my tracks, remixes i made for others and collabs... It also contains snippets of forthcoming tracks/collabs for 2014!

Thanks to : Gareth/Thrasher at PRSPCT for releasing the music!
Limewax for sharing the studio and The Hard Way with Thrasher.
Lynn Enduser (for years of rollercoaster rides!), Lukus DJ Producer, Ivan COOH, Aad&Fred Sinister Souls, George Gore Tech, Justin Counterstrike, Siham Goetia, Gautier Igorrr, Tony Skullvomit, Lowroller, Kin Akira, Frankie & The Dope DOD crew, Julien Stazma, Danny Angerfist, Ume Murder Channel, Author & Punisher...and Steph Limited Cartel for keeping this rolling!

See you all in 2014 suckers!!

Artwork by BrianVDP


released December 21, 2013

2013...RELEASED :
1. Bong-Ra vs Igorrr 'Tombs' (RVLT04)
2. Bong-Ra vs Igorr 'Pallbearer' (RVLT04)
3. Bong-Ra 'Monolith' (Enduser Remix) (RVLT03)
4. Bong-Ra 'Monolith' (COOH Remix) (RVLT03)
5. Bong-Ra 'FallenSons' (Lowroller Remix) (RVLT03)
6. Bong-Ra 'Dawn Of The Megalomaniacs' (DJ Skullvomit Remix) (RVLT03)
7. Bong-Ra 'Crawlers' (Akira Remix) (RVLT03)
8. Bong-Ra vs Counterstrike 'Possessed' (PRSPCT FAMILY ALBUM)
9. The Hard Way 'Devil Worshipping Motherfuckers' (PRSPCT)
10. The Hard Way 'Pentagram Of Coke' (PRSPCT)
11. Bong-Ra '666MPH-2013RMX' (RVLT06)
12. Bong-Ra 'Can You Dig It ?-2013RMX' (RVLT06)
13. Bong-Ra 'Blood & Fire-2013RMX' (RVLT06)
14. Bong-Ra 'Dub Murderer-2013RMX' (RVLT06)
15. Bong-Ra '666MPH' (Gore Tech Remix) (RVLT06)
16. Bong-Ra 'Can You Dig It ? (Sinister Souls Remix)
17. Bong-Ra 'Dub Murderer' (Stazma The Junglechrist Remix) (RVLT06)
18. Bong-Ra 'Korgoth' (RVLT06)
19. Dope DOD 'What Happened' (Bong-Ra Remix)
20. DJ Skullvomit 'Swamp Bitch' (Bong-Ra Remix)

21. Bong-Ra vs The DJ Producer 'Bang Face VIP' (on RETOX 03.2014)
22. Angerfist 'Street Fighter' (Bong-Ra Remix) (on MOH 01.2014)
23. Gore Tech 'Heresy' (Bong-Ra Remix) (on LB Rec TBA)
24. Bong-Ra vs Goetia 'Axe To Grind' (on PRSPCT)
25. Bong-Ra 'Sinistar 2014' (TBA)
26. Bong-Ra vs Gore Tech 'Terrorbird' (Author&Punisher Collabs) (TBA)
27. Bong-Ra vs Gore Tech 'Flesh Ants' (Author&Punisher Collabs) (TBA)





For those who aren’t acquainted with Bong-Ra’s sound will be in for a pleasant surprise. No remorse and no concession. Where other artists stick to their musical blueprint, Bong-Ra never stops the pursuit of musical development, hoping to catch his listeners off guard every single time! ... more

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