by Bong-Ra



The year 2012 : a timeframe where mythology meets reality. Predictions and premonitions clash with impending political and financial catastrophes. Coincidence or a forewarning ?
Whichever way we look at the era we find ourselves in, if by chance, circumstance or choice, evolving through centuries, it is clear mankind has reached the tipping point in its current fase of existence.
Peak oil, diminishing resources and over-population, the graphs of exponential growth have reached their peaks, the sell by dates have all expired and the scales are starting to tip.
MONOLITH is where mythology and reality clash. Civilization’s vicious circle in which mankind’s destructive nature makes her orbit . A species with the powerful gift of knowledge, abstract thinking and the perception of emotion, remains in conflict with its primary instinct of violence, treachery, greed and megalomania.
An era where concepts like religion and superstition overpower science and reason. Where law enables minorities to control majorities, dominated by race, heritage and wealth, resulting in a false distribution of power and strength. Resulting in centuries of rape and pillaging of land, cultures and traditions, in which our history is dictated by powers that be. The winners of battles write future’s history books.
MONOLITH is the end of a civilization. As many before this one, a pinnacle has been reached caused by excess and arrogance, war and corruption.
A MONOLITH must be created to signify the start of a new era.
The Mayans calendar predicted the end of a cycle in 2012.
The Egyptians built blueprints to preserve knowledge which could outlive civilizations.
Signals towards turning points to a new golden age in which a new period of darkness will first engulf humanity.
This darkness is creeping upon us. Crisis upon crisis, mass corruption, unemployment, injustice, totalitarianism disguised as democracy, poverty, (holy) wars, disease, famine...
This darkness is the MONOLITH.


released April 30, 2012

All tracks written and produced by Jason Kohnen.
Vocals on tracks 1, 2, 3 and 4 by Sole. All lyrics by Sole.
Track 2 original vocals appear on the track by The Bins.
Track 5 produced by Bong-Ra and Dean Rodell. Guitars by Nick Michaelson (Senser).
Mastering by Noel Wessels
Artwork by Grindesign.
Layout / Typography by Tom Hamel.




all rights reserved



For those who aren’t acquainted with Bong-Ra’s sound will be in for a pleasant surprise. No remorse and no concession. Where other artists stick to their musical blueprint, Bong-Ra never stops the pursuit of musical development, hoping to catch his listeners off guard every single time! ... more

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